Understanding Phlebotomist Jobs

One important step in determining one’s diseases should be blood test. Not to mention it is also important before blood transfusion. For the purpose of blood tests, it is the phlebotomist jobs to draw blood from the patient.

To be able to do the job well, a phlebotomist requires a proper training. A phlebotomy technician requires proper education or training before he or she can prick the needle into another person’s skin. Common patient instincts are bound to interfere as soon as the needle point makes contact with their skin.

This special job, which is also known as venipuncture, ought to be undertaken with great precision, quickly. Not to mention that the phlebotomist must try to do it without giving any pain to the patients. This special technician is required to comfort the patient and mentally prepare him or her to be able to do the job smoothly.

phlebotomy job

When dealing with children, this may be a very difficult task for phlebotomist as most of children are afraid of being pierced. Even, certain adults often behave childishly that makes the process much tougher.  For that reason, it is phlebotomist job to make the patients comfortable before drawing out blood.

Sometimes, certain people may develop reactions or something else may go wrong while drawing blood. As consequence, a phlebotomist is required to give first aid to the patient.

As soon as the process of blood drawing is accomplished, the phlebotomy technician ought to do proper samples labeling with extra cautious. If extra care in labeling blood samples is not taken, the whole process of drawing blood goes in vain. There will be confusion between blood samples and it can lead to irreversible blunders. Erroneous results due to mislabeling of blood samples will definitely result in patients getting wrong treatments. This will make the condition of patients even worse.

As there are also risks involved in phlebotomy jobs, it is very important for phlebotomists to protect themselves from these risks. A phlebotomy technician may catch a disease from a patient or even a patient can catch phlebotomist’s disease. The phlebotomist can even catch a disease from a contaminated environment surrounding the patients.

For that reason, it is essential for phlebotomy technicians to take all necessary precautions before attending any patient. The use of masks and latex gloves must be religiously done to avoid any health risks. Hands must be washed with soap before as well as after every sample is taken. All needles and other equipment used in taking samples must be safe and sterilized. The used needles must also be thrown away in the right manner.

A phlebotomy technician must be ready to work in any shift as the job requires. This is important to mention as there are times when phlebotomist jobs must be done immediately, for instance when someone need blood as he or she got a car accident.

Last but not least, there is one important thing that needs to be mentioned when it comes to phlebotomist jobs is that most phlebotomists earn considerably. They also have great opportunities to diversify their career, for instance being EKG technicians, lab technicians as well as lab supervisors.

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