Phlebotomy Training Program

For many patients, going to the hospital to have blood drawn can be a frightening or anxiety producing time. The experts that perform these tests must not only be skilled at drawing blood while causing as little pain and discomfort as possible, but they must also be skilled at calming nervous patients and helping to offer reassurance and comfort. These are only a few of the skills required of phlebotomists, but they help to highlight what makes individuals in this specialized career so highly sought after. If you have ever wanted a great job in the medical industry, a phlebotomy training program may be ideally suited for you.

phlebotomy training program

What A Phlebotomy Training Program Teaches

When you first think of a phlebotomy training program, you likely envision a classroom or clinical setting where everyone learns how to use needles to draw blood for donation or testing. While this is a skill learned in these programs, it is hardly all that students can expect to learn. In fact, students have to take courses on a wide range of subjects, including anatomy and physiology, patient care, biohazard waste handling, first aid, and much more.

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A quality phlebotomy training program will teach you all of the vital skills and information needed to be successful in this career field. This means that not only should you expect a great deal of online or classroom training, but significant clinical experience as well. Many states require that students perform a certain number of skin punctures and lab tests before they are allowed to practice phlebotomy in a clinical setting. When you choose a quality accredited phlebotomy training program that works to ensure that you are prepared for state licensing exams, you can expect to achieve all of these goals and to gain mastery of the skills required in phlebotomy.

Which Program Is the Right Fit? : There are numerous phlebotomy training program choices out there, and this can make it hard to determine which one is right for you. One consideration that you absolutely have to make is accreditation. If you choose a program from an institution that is not accredited, your experience will not count towards state licensing or certification and your training may not even help you in your search for a viable career position. Accreditation is something that you should always demand of any phlebotomy training program that you consider.

Certification Program

Among other things that you need to consider is length of the program and hour requirements. For many, phlebotomy training is done in addition to maintaining a current job and maintaining a household as well. Finding a program that offers hours that work with your schedule and that allows you to get your certification in a timeframe that works for you is very important, and when you accomplish this, it can make getting your certification much easier. There are ample phlebotomy training program options for you to consider, and finding the one that best meets your needs and your lifestyle will always prove worthwhile.

You Need a Great Phlebotomy Training Program : The bottom line is that if you are looking to achieve greater career success, a phlebotomy training program is the best step you can take. Employers today are looking for prospects that will need as little training and work as possible, and when you walk into an interview armed with the knowledge and experience required to get to work right away, you establish yourself as a top candidate for the job. Take the time to consider an accredited program that meets your needs – you may just find that it is the best way to get started on the path to your dream career.

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  1. I obtained a certificate in phlebotomy at a academic school had minimal experience in lab draws. I live in Michigan. Willing to travel for clinical experience. With no or minimal experience unable to obtain employment. I volnteered at Mich Blood aftercare area donnating my time, but due to market is flooded with experienced phlebotomists been unable to obtain postion. I have contacted hospitals, nursing homes, ect to voln . Due to liability unable to receive experience. I am also a Licenced Practical Nurse with 35 years experience in all depts of a local hospital due to cut backs my postion was no longer needed. Any ideas?

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