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A phlebotomy technician has a broad range of responsibilities ranging from actually collecting the blood sample to testing and analyzing it, to labeling and keeping track of it in storage. Because of this broad range of responsibilities, a phlebotomist is an optimal candidate to move up in the healthcare field. Phlebotomy is the usual starting position for future nurses, RN, and CNAs.

Because phlebotomy is a beginning career in the healthcare field, the starting salary is relatively low compared to other nursing and related positions. The average starting salary for a person practicing phlebotomy is between $12 and $15 dollars per hour. The difference in the range reflects the many factors such as location, and number of available jobs. Among other things that must be considered are number of years of experience you have in a related field. This can greatly impact your starting salary and what other jobs will offer you to begin. This is because they look at your potential when hiring you to determine if you are a potential candidate for future growth positions in their company.


Phlebotomy is definitely an upcoming occupation in the health and wellness field. A perfectly qualified phlebotomist is really effective with drawing blood just for analysis reasons. The actual job opportunities just for qualified phlebotomists are very fine and a lot of clinics, hospitals as well as laboratories look for qualified as well as licensed phlebotomists. The phlebotomy salary statistics of a phlebotomist may also be really good especially in the event of qualified as well as skilled persons.

The phlebotomy salary levels can differ based on many different elements. Location (big towns may certainly pay out a lot more than smaller cities) kind of facility as well as level of practical experience may all play a big role in identifying one’s earnings.

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Another factor is whether or not you are certified. By having a phlebotomy technician certification you will show to your employer you are serious about the job and have potential for growth. A certification from an accredited program can mean several dollars more per hour.


Simply because this specific profession is in like high demand, earnings ranges may go on to improve and can supply actually new graduates having a more comfortable earnings. Also in slower or even flat financial systems, generally there can be a requirement for this kind of specialist. Using the laws and regulations of provide as well as requirement constantly in place much more organizations are prepared to spend a high price just for professional candidates. The actual art of getting blood  is really a very skilled one that should be fulfilled with consideration, patience as well as care and attention.

Phlebotomy salary just for qualified specialists

In the long run under the near supervision of professional staff members, you’ll have formulated several experience in the particular field. It’s also possible to turn into a supervisor by yourself and also get new employees under the wing. The better responsibility you’ve, the better you’ll get paid. A phlebotomist who’s many years’ expertise may generate at least $40,000, and sometimes this particular number climbs up to more than $45,000 just for main urban centres and also high demand facilities.


Phlebotomy salary for all those just simply getting started

For individuals who are simply just getting started, and also exactly who simply got their own certification/license, an hourly salary of $12-$15 by the hour should be expected. When explained above, most of this is determined by location as well as kind of service picked. Donor hospitals, such as, can pay lower than best researching laboratories. Any centre in New York as well as Dallas can pay a lot more than state, a smaller city in Nebraska. The actual level of spend could be negotiated during the time of selecting too. If your organization thinks you are really worth much more, they’ll spend much more. Keep in mind that on many occasions, money isn’t of the upmost significance whenever first starting out – practical experience is. A lot more hours you will get under the belt, a lot more experienced you’ll turn out to be;  you’ll be able to nearly identify your earnings.

Even though the starting salary is lower than other jobs, phlebotomy is a great career to start off in to get your foot in the door of a major hospital or doctor’s office. From there you can build on your experience and climb the ranks into better and more rewarding positions, such as a registered nurse, or licensed practitioner nurse.

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The best news is that the outlook for jobs a phlebotomy technician is on the rise. There is expected to be an increasing number of jobs open up over the coming years so there should be no shortage of positions available. It will all depend on which area those jobs open up and what area you are seeking employment. This also increases the value of a phlebotomy certification and assures you that you will be able to put it to use after finishing your phlebotomy education.

Phlebotomy salary: Perimeter advantages incorporate charges such as:

  • Compensated vacations
  • Medical care insurance
  • Pension advantages
  • Compensated sick and tired leave (an decided quantity of days)
  • Professional coaching possibly compensated or even reimbursed in the future
  • Interpersonal protection.

A phlebotomy salary isn’t the main cause that persons go into this particular field, however. There’s a significant amount of pleasure accomplished after you understand you’re helping individuals and also supplying near future generations with wish and also remedies that in any other case might not be discovered. This specific profession isn’t for everybody, and several persons cannot manage the particular sight of blood. Understanding that you’re in your minority will provide you with an enormous feeling of  accomplishment. Take comfort and ease in the news that your are performing nicely not only for your patient you are taking care of, but also for all of near future sufferers. Supplying high quality proper care as well as placing a patient comfortable as you perform your current required job in some cases all of the reward you’ll need.

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  1. Phlebotomy Technician, General Hiraa Hospital, Makkah Almokarramah. (01/07/1928 H. up to 20/01/1430 H.)
    • Medical Laboratory Technician at King Saud Medical City. (23/01/1928 H. up to now).
    • Performing Special Courses in Blood Withdrawal and Specimens Transfer with their Management in Riyadh, Makkah Almokarramah, Taif and Qonfedah (30 CME Hours)
    • Good experience in Blood Withdrawal from patients of all age groups.
    • High experience in communication between the lab and other hospital departments to get good health services.​​

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