Cost Of Phlebotomy Training

In many jurisdictions phlebotomists have to be certified. To get certification, one must take state-approved examinations. The fee for this test is something that must be considered, however. You may incur other fees too. The information in this article should offer you some assistance  figuring out the cost of phlebotomy training.

cost of phlebotomy education


You do not need experience to sign up for phlebotomy classes. However, you will need at least a GED or a diploma. With a GED, the cost of phlebotomy training is under $100. The test would be administered by a school board. If you want to study for the test, you can purchase a guide online.

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The Cost of Phlebotomy Training: The Classes

Many of these classes are given at the community colleges in your area. The costs for these courses are pretty much like any other class. In other words, you pay based on credit hours.

Most community colleges have 2 sets of tuition fees; you either pay in your present state or you pay fees that are out of your state. To be considered for tuition in your current state, you have to have been in your area of residence for 2 years or more. Otherwise, you have to pay your tuition out of your current state.

At most community colleges, phlebotomy training can range from $600 to $2,500. Some classes can cost even more. How much a college charges depends on what the school offers and what they charge in general for tuition. The average phlebotomist feels that these costs are acceptable, especially since they allow them to pass their certification test.

The Fee for Certification

The fee for phlebotomy training varies based on the cost. After you complete the course, (which can last four to eight months), you should be certified enough to take the main state test. The fee for this test is generally $50, though it can vary in different states. In California, the fee is $58.

Your local state department can help you find out how much you need to pay for your certification. You may also want to know where the testing centers are.

Additional Fees

The costs associated with phlebotomy training is inexpensive, especially compared to other programs. In addition, the program does not take that long to complete. The credit hours you need is lower than other fields in the healthcare industry.

If you can complete this program quickly, you will be able to start work faster. With a lesser amount of credit hours, your tuition will be lower.

However, keep in mind you have to also pay for books. Of course, if you can get phlebotomy training online, your price will be lower because you would be using e-books for your studying. E-books are lower than regular printed books. Granted, some students might prefer using a printed book, but financially, they are not the best option.

In terms of recovering the cost, you can do this once it comes time to finding a job. Phlebotomists cover their tuition in a relatively quickly because they are needed in hospitals and clinics. Both pay good money for these professionals.

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