Certified Phlebotomist Jobs

Landing a job in the medical industry can be challenging, with some jobs requiring long term education and others being very competitive. Certified phlebotomist jobs have reasonable requirements though and offer great benefits. This is why it is worth looking into this opportunity in greater depth.

phlebotomy jobs

Types Of Phlebotomy Jobs

One of the main criteria to classify phlebotomy jobs is by work environment. Together with the geographical location, this will have a big impact on your salary. The good news is that in a lot of states this job is in high demand, so you will be able to enjoy some flexibility and make a choice according to your preference.

  • Hospitals. You will generally be assigned to a certain area, such as the emergency room, or you may just visit patients to their beds, on a need basis. Your work will be very diverse, as you interact with all kinds of people. If you work in a big hospital and especially in the emergency room, then your workload is likely to be high, but so is your pay.
  • Medical Offices. Certified phlebotomists are to be found typically in the larger medical offices. You will provide blood drawing support to the doctors working in the respective office. Depending on the office, you will either work with diverse individuals or with a niche, like pediatrics, obstetrics, etc.
  • Laboratory. Such places, together with research centers, are obviously in need of certified phlebotomists. Patients come in and they need to have blood drawn, as per the indication of the doctors.
  • Traveling Service. This is a field job, as you will need to travel to different locations where the patients are. You need to consider if this fits your preferences. If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to stay all day in the same setting, then this may be a good option for you.
  • Nursing Homes / Assisted Living. If you find working with elderly rewarding, you may consider this type of setting. Do keep in mind though that you will also face challenges such as patients suffering from senility, dementia, Alzheimer, collapsing veins, low blood pressure, etc.

There is quite some choice in terms of setting and you can go for the one that you feel most comfortable with or for the one that offers best pay, according to your priorities. Phlebotomy jobs are on demand, they offer you the opportunity to work in a professional setting, pay is good and job security high.

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