How to Become a Phlebotomy Instructor Certified by the ACA

Working as a phlebotomist at a doctor’s office is not the only career opportunity for those qualified in venipuncture and other phlebotomy technician jobs. Becoming a certified phlebotomist instructor is a viable option as well, provided you have at least two years experience in a healthcare environment practicing venisection, and are ambitious to work towards a certification as an instructor. Phlebotomy certification can be had by any individual willing to put forth the effort to start a career.

Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood and blood samples from a patient. This is typically done for testing at a doctor’s request, most likely while at a doctor’s office or hospital. Working at blood drives or mobile donor stations is also an opportunity for a phlebotomist. Becoming a certified phlebotomy instructor will allow you to pursue a better job and become better respected in your field.

As an instructor you will have the task of teaching new students the art of phlebotomy and working with them to learn the technique of drawing blood samples. You will supervise their laboratory work, and oversee that they are taught the fundamental background of phlebotomy work. Ultimately, your responsibility will be to take ordinary young adults and transform them into career oriented phlebotomists.

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Phlebotomy Instructor Certification

There are several different certifications available for phlebotomy instructors. One choice is through the ACA (, otherwise known as the American Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionals. To become certified by the ACA you are not required to pass a written exam, but you do need to be a certified phlebotomist, LPN, or RN. The two requirements are experience, and educations.

The following are steps (criteria) for becoming a phlebotomy certified instructor:

1. Work at least three years as a phlebotomy technician. Time will need to be documented by your employer stating your position and responsibilities. You also need to have documented 10 hours of continued education in the medical field within the past year. All of this info needs to be submitted with your resume when applying for a phlebotomy instructor position. It is also helpful to have a letter of recommendation from your supervisor.

2. Go to the American Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionals website and click on “Phlebotomy Instructor”. This application will guide you with what information is required to submit. Print the application and have it signed by the appropriate persons (either deans or supervisors).  The application fee is $150 and must be payed when the application is submitted.

3. Get one year of teaching experience. This can be acquired during the same time you are gaining the three years of required phlebotomy experience. This teacher experience can be any form or training or teaching you do in your phlebotomy position. As long as you have a letter from your supervisor stating your training experience.

4. The 4th step in to graduate from a certified phlebotomy training program. To become a phlebotomy teacher you will need to graduate from a program and provide proof of graduation, along with course syllabus and requirements.

5. The final step is to submit your application along with all the requirements listed in the first four steps. While you are waiting for your certification to become approved, you can begin searching for open phlebotomy instructors jobs at community and technical colleges. Vocational schools are also a great place to search for open positions.  Because most employers requires phlebotomists to become certified, there is always a need for qualified phlebotomy instructors.


Once you become certified, there is an annual $50 certification renewal fee that must be paid to the ACA. You must also complete 10 hours of continued medical education.

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    • You need to get phlebotomy certification first through a phlebotomy class. Then you can be an instructor of phlebotomy. Phlebotomy instructor certification is not necessary by most employers. They do want phlebotomy experienced instructors. This process I’m doing right now. I’m in school and already have six years experience.

  1. I’ve been a Phlebotomist for 27 years now and I’m looking forward to become a Phlebotomy instructor.I currently work in the Hospital as Phlebotomist.I would like to share my long years of experience in the future.Now,I would like to know how where to apply to become a Phlebotomy instructor.

  2. Good afternoon,
    I have sorted thru the questions asked how to become teaching in phlebotomy, I have gone thru the questions on your page. I have gone to another site and they wanted over $3,000.00 to get certified as a teacher in phlebotomy. I am a phlebotomist thru the NHA in Illinois, I have taught others to learn, but I have to be considered a college so my students can get their certification.. correct? . Can you give me guidance on how much I would have to spend or go about becoming a teacher in phlebotomy.
    thank you

  3. I’ve been a Phlebotomist for 27 years now and I’m looking forward to become a Phlebotomy instructor.I currently work in the Hospital as Phlebotomist.I would like to share my long years of experience in the future.Now,I would like to know how where to apply to become a Phlebotomy instructor.

  4. Doing my search for information on becoming a Phlebotomy Instructor I keep seeing that you have to graduate from a Phlebotomy program. My question is this if I have the phlebotomy experience and the certification as a Phlebotomy Technician why do I still need proof that I graduated from a Phlebotomy program

  5. Yes, I’m a certified medical laboratory technician with over 15 years of experience. I have a certificate in phlebotomy and currently serves as a Laboratory supervisor who over sees the phlebotomy staff and lab.
    What do I need to do to become a phlebotomy instructor?

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